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    03-05-2002`RHGS International` Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Alinvest-Centre` Moscow Other
    03-05-2002A.PARTNERS Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Academinvest` Moscow Other
    03-05-2002'Delta - Invest' Chelyabinskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`INKO` Saint-Petersburg Other
    03-05-2002`Interinvest`, the firm Samarskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`Megapolis`, Investment realtor co., Private company Novosibirskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`Oblpromresource` Sverdlovskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`Eagle Urals Fund` Sverdlovskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`BK BALTI - PAS`, Private company Kaliningradskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`OrenInvestCapital`, LLC Orenburgskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`Paladin-Finance` Novosibirskaya Oblast Other
    03-05-2002`Mega`, Invetment Company, LLC Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Finwest`, Group, PLC Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Vika`, Investment co. Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Investor-incognito` Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Trinfico`, Private Company Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Voskhod`, the scientific & production association Moscow Other
    03-05-2002`Capital International Global Emerging Markets Private Equity Fund` Moscow Other

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