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    Technical innovatuion

    Date of registration: 01/03/2007
    Region: Foreign Countries
    Kind of activity: Scientific, research and design works
    Required amount of financing from: $ 1000
    Kind of investments: long-term /
    Commercial offer,
    scientific discovery and technical innovation,
    author Albert Borisovich Postolovskiy.
    For international collaboration and financings of the technical innovations
    invitation all interested companies and scientific research institutes of all
    world. I offer for sale of the license on technical innovations, utilization and
    application which give the superprofit:
    1. United theory Quantum (particle) of a fundamental field, is confirmed
    experimentally. Represents by itself synthesis (unification) of a General Theory
    of a Relativity A.Einstein and Quantum field theory.
    2. Controlled thermonuclear (atomic) reactor. Thermonuclear power-station
    intended for receipt electrical energy in unlimited (on a large) scale on the
    basis cheap raw material-water.
    3. Thermonuclear (atomic) jet motor (on the basis reactor and give a chance
    develop velocity more 150000 km/s (kilometers per one second) cosmic
    4. Most effective aviation and space engineering exceeding existing
    constructions of aircrafts and rockets.
    5.Improved nuclear power-station on the basis U235, U238, Pu239 with great
    factor useful operations (efficiency)about 90% transformation of a thermal
    energy in an electricity.
    6.Transference electrical energy without wires with great factor useful
    operations (efficiency) about 95%.
    7. Receipt electrical energy in any place earthly the globe in unlimited (on a
    large) quantity.
    8. A new (the best) type of accumulators (by small expenditure capital widely
    application in engineering), differ by a large potency and small dimensions,
    safety in operation.
    9. Method deliver any heavy and big load without expenditure fuel (!) fast in
    any place earthly the globe.
    10. Without waste (harmless) of technology of the chemical industry and
    metallurgical industrial enterprises, receipt diverse precious(gold, platinum
    and others),non-ferrous and ferrous metals on new technology manufacture in
    unlimited (on a large) quantity.
    11. New type optical instrument.
    12. Be able represent interests your companys and banks in our region
    (Vinnitsa), or be distributor your consumer goods (joint enterprise).
    Learn about condition international co-operation by observance mutual profit
    (remunerative) and common interest one may on all addresses:
    a. Ukraine, 21003 Vinnitsa, street Franko, 44.
    Postolovskiy A.B.
    b. Centre scientific-technology and economic information,
    tel/fax: +38-0432-51-67-54
    c. E-Mail: [email protected]
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    d. http:/www.region.

    I expect your mandatory and rapid answer.
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